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Reducing absenteeism and presenteeism is just one of the benefits of adding mental health training to your employee wellness program.

When people are physically fit they feel stronger and perform better. Mental fitness is no different.

By giving employees the tools they need to actively train their minds, they improve their ability to manage stress and boost confidence. At Starling, we consider confidence to be the antidote for anxiety and depression.

Between 2011 and 2030, the cumulative economic output loss associated with mental disorders is projected to be US$ 16.3 trillion worldwide. This brings economic output loss from mental disorders higher than cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes.

— EMBO Reports

What Organizations Value
Most About Starling Minds:

  • It demonstrates their commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of their people.

  • It improves employee engagement leading to increases in productivity and innovation.

  • It improves absenteeism and presenteeism rates, reducing health and disability costs.

  • It creates better work culture rooted in empathy, collaboration, and support.

Thousands of people use Starling Minds to become more resilient everyday.

Learn how Starling Minds has improved the lives of thousands of people.

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