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Calling all B.C. Teachers! Have You Accessed Your Starling Account?

by Sean Hougan

Did you know that all teachers in BC have access to a confidential online mental fitness program called Starling Minds? It’s provided for free by the BC Teachers Federation to teachers, TOCs, and your family members, as part of their Health and Wellness program. In fact, over 2,000 BCTF members are using Starling Minds today.

What is Starling Minds?

Starling Minds is the leading scientific-based mental health and wellness platform for educators looking to take a proactive approach to improving their well-being. The online platform provides an immersive online learning experience with knowledge, tools, and techniques to help you better manage life stressors. The Starling platform is strictly confidential and can be accessed 24/7 from the comfort of your home. Members who use the program describe the Starling experience as “easy to digest personal self-care sessions that leave you with greater clarity after each 20-minute module.”

Who Created Starling Minds & Why?

Starling Minds became available to B.C. teachers in 2013 after Dr. Andrew Miki was commissioned by the BCTF to develop an online mental health and wellness solution for educators. As a practicing psychologist in the lower mainland, Dr. Miki has cared for over 200 teachers in the past 10 years. Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dr. Miki helps teachers build skills and strategies to manage growing stressors in the classroom and at home.

How Does Starling Benefit Me?

Starling Minds offers you the leading evidence-based solution for building mental and emotional resilience. Throughout a series of modules, you will learn techniques to better manage stress, anxiety, sadness, and worry. We’ve also created a built-in goal setter and mood tracker so you can track your success. Today, nearly 2,000 B.C. teachers use Starling and 84% complete the program with improved mental health & wellness scores.

How Do  I Access My Starling Account?

Your account can be accessed using your BCTF membership ID. If you aren’t sure what your ID number is, we’ve put together a step-by-step resource to help you retrieve it. If you still have issues, please email so we can lend a hand.

Access My Starling Account My BCTF Membership ID 


About the Author

Sean Hougan

Sean is a passionate Digital Marketing Strategist who is even more passionate about mental health. She envisions a world wherein communities and societies work together to ensure that everyone has what they need for mental, emotional and physiological wellness.

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