65% of educators who suffer from symptoms of anxiety and depression improve after using Starling.

Give educators the tools to better manage unique job and life stressors

20%  of educators will experience some type of mental health issue. Over two thirds of them do not seek help due to stigma and inadequate resources. 

Starling has improved the lives of thousands of educators across Canada. We have helped them become more mentally fit, so that they can focus on what they love the most – making a difference in the lives of their students.

Starling understands many of the stressors in education including:


With Starling, you can 

put the tools in the hands of educators:


Case study videos specifically for educators

Provide evidence based training and tools anywhere in the world 

Online training tools and education videos based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


An assessment of symptoms and functioning that tracks progress over time


A five module preventative mental health program


A rules engine to provide unique recommendations for each user


Early intervention programs for anxiety and/or depression


Aggregate data reporting


Additional coverage for family members


Description materials for key stakeholders


Ongoing marketing materials to support educator onboarding and engagement


Customer and technical support with email or phone responses within 1 business day

How does Starling work?

See how educators can learn about stress, practice mental fitness exercises, and break unhealthy patterns. Check out the program.

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Watch a real story

Kate, like many educators, has felt the effects of stress at work and in her life. Watch her story.

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Ready to help educators get a handle on stress?
Starling can help build mental resilience to cope with the demands of the profession.