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We all work incredibly hard to achieve a good life, and it’s easy to get worn down in our pursuit of happiness. We work on our careers, our relationships, and our bodies, but what do we do for our minds?

Research has proven that our brains are contantly changing through a process called neuroplasticity. Starling uses evidence-based techniques that take advantage of your brain's natural neuroplasticity to increase your resilience, assertiveness, and confidence.

With training and exercise you can improve your mental fitness to find out what you’re really capable of.


Confidentiality and community

We’re here to help each other build resilient minds. It only works if you feel safe and comfortable. At Starling, your confidentiality is important to us. We only collect the minimum amount of personally identifiable information and we will never share it with anyone. Starling uses aggregated data from our members to improve the program and generate insights,  so your individual data is absolutely safe and confidential.


You are not alone

You will encounter stressful times in your life. Sometimes it seems as if you are the only one struggling and everyone else is doing well. No matter how much we struggle, everyone's story makes sense.

Watch Mary's story and see if it makes sense to you.

How does Starling work?

Starling is an easy to use online program

We have many courses and tools to help you make the most of your mind.

Our members say that Starling makes them feel

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