Three ways to use Starling

The effects of stress, anxiety, and depression in the workforce are costing companies billions of dollars in lost productivity, sick days, and disability claims. Stress and mental illness decrease workplace morale and increase employee turnover.

For disability management

Get claimants back to work faster

Starling offers a prevention program to increase claimants' resilience to stress and supports successful and durable returns to work.  This has been effective for both primary and secondary mental health cases. However, if more support is required, our early intervention programs for anxiety and depression prevents short-term disability claims converting to long-term disability.

For your customers

Gain a competitive edge

Starling has worked with multiple channel partners to provide preventative mental health coverage to hundreds of thousands of lives. Everyone benefits when we work together. Your customers will see an increase in their organizations' productivity. Their employees will become more resilient to stress. Work with us to increase your bottom line will increase.

For your employees

Take care of your own

Now, there is a way to mitigate the effects of stress, build employee resiliency, and increase their mental fitness. Starling has a proven track record of improving productivity and engagement in the workplace. Together we can optimize your team.

What our members say

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