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Starling program – an integral part of JIBC’s health and wellness initiatives

Sign-up rate during the first 7 months


“The idea of a confidential self-help, online training program, which is designed to really improve mental fitness was very appealing. Starling is an all-encompassing mental health program that is akin to giving someone a membership to a gym.”

Jon Marks

Associate Vice President Human Resources, JIBC


JIBC's Story

JIBC started the process of implementing the Psychological Health and Safety Standard in 2014 to create a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. In October 2016, JIBC launched the Starling program for its staff members and faculty.

“Certainly, the Starling Minds program fits in very well with what we’re trying to do in implementing the standard. The program is very appealing on two fronts: A) helping us to remove the stigma around mental health, B) giving people a practical tool they could use to improve their resiliency and enhance their mental fitness,“ says Jon Marks, Associate Vice President Human Resources, JIBC.

“Thank you JIBC for bringing the Starling Minds course to our workplace. I completed the online course finding it to be user friendly, fun and informative. The videos and graphics were engaging and the content current. Most importantly, Starling Minds helped me to develop practical, effective skills to counter the wear and tear of daily life.”  

Tammy, JIBC

“I think it’s a good program. It deals with some of the basics around mental health in a very friendly, supportive and encouraging manner. I think the videos have been put together well and the graphics are great. Starling is something we could also extend to our staff’s family. That had great appeal - not simply limiting the program to our staff; all their family members also have access to it.”

JIBC is increasing the profile of the program by promoting the psychological standards broadly and Starling program specifically in department staff meetings. “Lately we wanted to focus on one of the areas based on the survey results. Workload has been and continues to be a challenge for many employees here. Sometimes it can just be too overwhelming. Dr. Miki is very good as a presenter, and his launch of the program received a lot of very positive feedback. That’s why we are having him back in April for a lunch and learn on how to manage workplace stress.”

“We’ve found the Starling team to be great to work with. They are very service-oriented and very helpful.“

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