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Starling Minds joins Healthcare Leaders at BC Health Leaders Conference

Janet Pun | November 8, 2019

On November 4 – 6, 2019 — Starling Minds was at the BC Health Leaders Conference to educate leaders on the importance of creating a safe, meaningful, and caring workplace for healthcare workers. 

We were honoured to have introduced our partners at Fraser Health Authority for their session, “From Burnout to Well-being: Enabling Platforms for Proactive Change”. 

There has never been a better time for healthcare organizations to harness innovative digital technologies and remove barriers to scientifically-proven mental healthcare.

With healthcare workers being 1.5 times more likely to be off work due to mental illness, many physicians and nurses are screening positive for depression, PTSD, and chronic stress. At Starling Minds, it is our mission to partner with organizations to reduce the effects of mental illness and help people build resilience and confidence at work. 

To learn why healthcare organizations are partnering with us to eradicate barriers to effective mental healthcare for their people, connect with us!

“Starling’s spectrum of programs couldn’t be a better fit for our People Leaders and the employees they serve. The platform fits our approach to addressing the psychological health and safety of our workforce, and comes with a strategic framework that rolls across our employee experience, and disability and absence management departments.” Executive Director of Workplace Health & Safety, Healthcare



Starling Minds™ is a workforce mental health platform that helps employees feel psychologically safe, valued, and engaged at work. Our CBT-based solutions are designed for early intervention, prevention, and return-to-work. With a clinically-effective and affordable platform, People Leaders can offer a solution that rehabilitates workers coping with high-levels of stress, anxiety, and depression.


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