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Program Overview

Professionals can finally benefit from leading online CBT programs that improve mental health and wellness. Starling Minds increases resilience and reduces time off work.

With Starling Minds, organizations can offer their people an accessible and secure way to manage their mental health.

Starling Minds offers evidence-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) programs that improves resilience and decreases mental health symptoms.

What is CBT?

How it Works

The Starling Minds program helps employees:

Build the skills necessary to better manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

Develop mental resiliency, while taking a more active role in their mental wellness.

Spend less time away from work due to mental health.

Thousands of people use Starling Minds to become more resilient everyday.

Starling Minds offers two training programs employees can take depending on their specific needs.

  • Mental Fitness & Prevention
  • Return to Work

Starling Mental Fitness is an evidence-based online CBT program that helps people build the resilience required to thrive in professions with increasing stressors. This guided online learning program educates participants on leading strategies that strengthen mental fitness to prevent mental illness.

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The return to work program is designed for employees who are on short-term disability, sick leave, or stress leave. The 28-day program provides daily mental fitness exercises to help those on disability stay on track to becoming mentally well again. Starling Minds helps people build the resilience and confidence they need to return to work and decreases the likelihood of a second incident.

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86% of people who use Starling Minds become more resilient. We provide you with tools and technology to meet or surpass this average. Our customer success team will actively work with you to promote Starling to your employees.

- Dr. Andrew Miki, Starling Minds CEO & Founder

Learn how Starling Minds has improved the lives of thousands of people.

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