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Digital CBT programs designed to help insurance payers drive better outcomes at lower costs.

Starling Minds is the only digital solution that manages your disability funnel from early intervention and prevention through to return-to-work.

Our Mental Fitness and Return-to-Health programs are designed to make evidence-based therapy accessible to everyone, while reducing disability cases to more manageable levels over the long term.

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For insurance payers that want to remove barriers to accessible, timely, cost-effective mental healthcare, our end-to-end platform will help you reduce claims, costs, and differentiate your offerings.

We understand your challenges:

Rapidly Escalating Costs — as underwriting becomes less profitable due to the rise in the number and cost of mental health claims

Differentiation — within the homogenization of benefit programs available from all insurance providers today

Overwhelming Caseloads — from increasing number of people going on leave and staying on LTD for extended periods of time

Mental Health Co-morbidity — the increase in cases that have mental illness as a primary, secondary, or tertiary diagnosis

Ensuring Efficacy and Standardization of Treatment — and delivering on the responsibility to claimants and their employer or member organization that the programs offered are having a positive impact

Geographic Challenges & Low EAP Utilization — with the rise of remote workforces and stagnation of EAP usage, delivering care to employees in remote or less populated areas

Insurance companies choose Starling Minds as a cost-effective mental health solution for reducing claims costs, improving services, and differentiating their offerings.

Mental Health Outcomes for Your Members

Members who are equipped to deal with workplace stressors enjoy benefits in both their work and personal lives, including:

  • Positive, Healthier Relationships with co-workers and clients

  • Improved Self-Confidence in newly-learned skills for managing workplace stress

  • Better Job Performance outcomes and career advancements

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    Report reduced stress, anxiety and depression

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    Of members believe that Starling helps them manage their mental health

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    Hours of productivity gained back per employee due to improved mental health

What Members Are Saying About Starling Minds

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I’m so grateful this program is offered online as I cannot drive. Being able to access CBT support in the comfort of my own home has been lifechanging for me. I like the assessment from session 4 and want to continue using it to monitor my mental health. I like the strategies/tools. I really appreciate this little community and I truly feel less alone in my journey.

Insurance Member

Outcomes for Your Customers

The average Starling Minds’ customer receives a minimum 5X payback on their investment due to a reduction in absences and disability costs.

In addition, client organizations enjoy the following outcomes:


Culture of empathy, care, and positive morale


Reduction in absenteeism, presenteeism, and turnover


Reduction in workplace disruptions caused by workers on leave


Enhanced team productivity


Reduction in cost and duration of claims


A shared language to talk about mental health across teams based on CBT best-practices

What Insurance Customers Are Saying About Starling Minds

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Starling Minds made our lives so much easier. Unlike other vendors we’ve worked with, their product is great and their teams were the key to making our Return-to-Work program implementation a huge success for our people. Thank you, Starling!

Disability and Absence Management Leader
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73% of Employees Access Starling Minds Within 24 Hours of Referral.

Members who are equipped to deal with workplace stressors enjoy benefits in both their work and personal lives, including:


A simple referral process completed in 2-steps that gives employees immediate access to mental health support.


Instantaneous updates that inform case managers of the progress employees are making.


Regular, timely and standardized progress reports to see where the employee is at in order to provide better support and guidance.


It’s a way to coach employees who are either at work or off-work and struggling with a common language supported by CBT practices.

What Case Managers Are Saying About Starling Minds

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Starling has an easy referral process, allowing employees to have immediate access to support in the comfort and privacy of their home. Our employees’ reactions have been positive and I think it’s a great program for our organization to provide to them when they need it most. It’s an incredible feeling when employees say they are getting better and don’t feel as alone.

Disability and Absence Manager

Be the Advocate Your Customers Needs

Let’s make digital mental health more accessible for people, together. No matter what stage of exploration you’re in, we’re here to talk about your goals and aspirations, or simply answer any questions you may have.

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