Workforce mental health

For insurance

Mental health claims, costs, and complexities are on the rise. Starling reduces therapy costs by up to 90% while providing convenient & instant access to effective mental health support.

Mental health support designed to help insurance payers drive better outcomes at lower costs

Employers expect insurance payers to keep the costs of claims as low as possible, while also getting employees back to work as soon as possible. Starling provides a cost-effective mental health solution for reducing claims costs, improving services, and differentiating insurance offerings.

Employer and case manager challenges:
  • Escalating disability claim costs
  • Growing STD and LTD caseloads
  • Increase in mental health co-morbidity in cases
  • Struggling to differentiate among benefit programs

How Starling helps

Starling’s digital delivery model enables support that’s 24/7, immediate, anytime and anywhere, with unlimited sessions.

Benefits to insurance

Lowers wait times compared to face-to-face/teletherapy

Moves file through disability funnel and shortens STD/LTD duration

Reduces costs of traditional face-to-face therapy with high-quality digital CBT solution

Provides case managers advisement on scenarios to ensure fit with member’s condition

Key features

24/7, unlimited, immediate access to mental health support and resources

Mental health support is rooted in deep CBT principles, developed by renown CBT clinical psychologists

Trusted services include disability management experts to help case managers

Full-spectrum solution for any use case, whether they are struggling at work, on sick leave, STD, or LTD


Insurance payers partner with Starling to drive faster outcomes for claimants and employers:

  • Reduction in sick leave, short-term and long-term disability claims
  • Reduction in workplace disruptions due to absences
  • Higher chance of sustaining return to work for employees
  • Better business outcomes




Reduction in costs compared to human guided therapy


Report improvement in mental health

What insurance leaders are saying

Disability and Absence Management Leader, Insurance Organization

“Starling Minds made our lives so much easier. Unlike other vendors we’ve worked with, their product is great and their teams were the key to making our Return-to-Health program implementation a huge success for our people. Thank you, Starling.”