Workforce mental health

For workers’ compensation boards

Foster a timely and safe return to work with an immediate and affordable mental health solution for high-stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mental health support proven to get employees returning to work faster

Starling provides a safe, evidence-based mental health solution for moving claims quickly, reducing costs, and getting employees back to work faster.

Employer and case manager challenges:
  • Escalating STD and LTD costs
  • Inaccessible face-to-face sessions for employees
  • Low progression due to inconsistent levels of care
  • Lack of transparency into employee progress
Employee challenges:
  • Decline in mental health due to wait times, costs
  • Employee benefits denied during claims process
  • Unmet mental health support due to limited benefits
  • Fear of stigma and impact on reputation at work

How Starling helps

Starling’s mental health solution is rooted in deep CBT principles developed by renown, CBT clinical psychologists to help resolve claims and get employees back to work faster:

Benefits for employers and case managers

Lowers wait times and costs compared to face-to-face/telehealth

Provides required training to ensure solution fits with member’s condition

Moves claims through disability funnel and shortens STD/LTD duration

Higher outcomes due to highly personalized, engaging support and training

Key features

24/7, unlimited, immediate access to mental health support and resources

A simple 2-step referral process that gives employees immediate access to mental health support

Peer-supported community to foster compassionate care and social connection

Personalized return-to-work plan for claimant based on their responses and stressors

Trusted services include disability management experts to help case managers determine best fit for solution

Case manager tools including bi-weekly case reporting and marketing toolkits


Workers’ compensation boards partner with Starling to help resolve claims while delivering evidence-based support proven to help employees get better, faster:

  • Reduction in sick leave, short-term and long-term disability claims
  • Increase in access to immediate and effective mental health support
  • Faster return to work dates and relapse prevention
  • Increase in employee self-awareness and mental health skills




Client Retention due to high-touch service


Reduction in costs compared to human-guided care

What workers’ compensation leaders are saying

Director of Vocational Rehabilitation and Long Term Disability, Workers’ Compensation Board

“What interests us is getting people the right support they need early to ultimately reduce the emotional toll an injury can have and prevent needless permanent disability. I think Starling’s program helps normalize emotional responses and gives people confidence in working through it.”