About us

Effective mental health support accessible and affordable to everyone

Starling delivers personalized, effective and affordable mental health support and training to anyone, anywhere.

Our purpose

We are experiencing a global mental health epidemic. 1 in 5 suffer from mental illness annually and 60% are unmet due to cost, access, or stigma. As a result, staggering costs are incurred by affected individuals and their employers.

We exist to make impactful, digital-based mental health support and training available at scale.

Our founding story

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Andrew Miki saw the daily struggles employees faced at work and home. People were getting sicker but weren’t getting the mental health support they needed due to stigma, cost, wait times, and geographic limitations.

Starling was founded in 2013 to answer this burning need. With a clear mission to remove the greatest barriers to mental healthcare, the Starling team works to bring digital mental support and training to organizations that need immediate, affordable, and effective support for their people.

By combining personalized, profession-based support, and actionable data to drive results, Starling helps organizations with rising disability costs extend access to support by 10x compared to human-guided support and reduce up to 90% in support costs.

Today, Starling Minds is available to over 4.8m people across North America through their employer and health plans.

Our company values

Guided by empathy

We are considerate of the fact that each person’s path is unique and that we are here to facilitate the best journey possible for each person we engage.

Committed to well-being

We believe in the right of every individual to good mental health and the power of mental resilience to help us not only survive, but thrive in a demanding world.

Accelerated by innovation

We approach the status quo with respect and a questioning mind. We have a strong desire to make things better and are always seeking new ways to do so.

Strengthened through collaboration

We believe that resilience, strength and truly great outcomes are a result of communities that work together.

Focused on outcomes

We strive to create high-impact outcomes that are meaningful for our users, valuable for our clients and good for our business.