Stress and Burnout

For Employers

Give your workforce the tools they need to manage their stress and burnout, and improve their productivity.

Our promise to you.

In everything we do, we strive to be these things for our partners:

Affordable: Deliver proactive mental health support for burnout without human-guided costs

Confidential: 100% secure with anonymous codename to safeguard people’s information

Simple & Non-disruptive: Augment your existing wellness programs to deliver a seamless experience for people

Engagement Experts: Deliver best-in-class engagement programs to foster a culture of well-being


Members report improvements in their mental health


Members become healthy after using Starling Minds


Improvements in anxiety scores

How We Partner

Starling’s digital mental health solutions provide immediate, unlimited support and training accessible to everyone. We help scale early intervention and preventative care to lower overall disability claims.

Program Features

Customized Configuration to make set-up and registration seamless and easy with your systems

iCBT content and tools that teach your people tangible, sustainable skills needed to deal with day-to-day challenges

On-site or virtual mental fitness workshops to foster a culture of support, caring, and wellbeing for leaders, managers, and employees

Standardized reporting and insights on usage, status, symptom scores and efficacy

Program Management

Designated Customer Success Team to guide you through onboarding, training, and launch

Best-in-class marketing campaigns and resources to drive program registration and engagement across your organization

Strategic Reviews to assess program health and drive product modifications and enhancements

Outcomes for employers

At Starling, we understand you need to help your leaders, managers, and people build mental resilience to prevent burnout. 

We help:

Deliver accessible, scalable and effective support in various modalities to support a diverse population

Move beyond preventative mental healthcare by delivering deeper, more personalized iCBT training and support

Foster a culture of well-being by amplifying the essential role mental health plays in achieving better overall health

What employers are saying

Assistant Director Health and Wellness Program Coordinator

We know that 40-50% of our employees on Short Term Disability struggle with their mental health. Starling Minds provides early intervention for our people to decrease the likelihood of time away from work due to mental illness.

What employees are saying

Starling Member

Doing this work and making it a priority has made a big difference for me. Simply reflecting on situations and seeing that there are others who worry about the same stuff that I do has made a big difference and helped me to feel more connected and less isolated in my struggles.