Early Intervention to support mental fitness

Personalized digital support and training to strengthen workforce mental resilience.

The hidden costs of workforce mental health issues

Every year, millions of employees report unmet mental health care needs due to stigma, cost, time, geographic challenges.

Employer presenteeism costs

$27 M/yr average cost for a large company

Employee burnout

70% burned out due to excessive and prolonged stress

Employer absenteeism costs

$3.6 M/yr average cost for a large company

Employee turnover costs

200% average cost of replacing an employee

Extend mental health support and training to 10x the number of employees

Starling is a digital support and training solution for stress, anxiety, and depression that provides cost-efficient care at scale when human-guided support can’t.


How we do it

Easy to launch

Guided through a well-established process to ensure success, from launch to program management.


Deliver more personalized support and training that resonates with specific job functions.

Peer support

Enables peer encouragement and social connection to reduce stigma and isolation.

Reporting & insights

Gain powerful new insights on when employees are most engaged, top stressors, and overall health to drive better decisions.

Key features

Personalized online CBT
Self-guided sessions that deliver key concepts or exercises in ten-minute, bite-sized experiences personalized to check up results
A complete mental health assessment of primary psychological conditions
Skills Toolbox
Set of tools to help the member set realistic goals, track their progress, balance negative thoughts, and regulate their moods
Shows current levels of energy, resilience, anxiety, and depression from check-up questions
Peer Support
This confidential community helps members know they’re not alone. It’s a place to confidentially share experiences and gain context from others.

Our impact


Report lower stress, anxiety, and depression


Say Starling helps manage their mental health

4 in 5

Employee absences reduced 6.5 days/ year


Payback on investment reported

How we’re different

Instead of static e-learning courses with a poor mobile experience or automated chatbots, Starling delivers rich content in an interactive, adaptive manner to personalize the learning and therapeutic needs of our members. Digital support and training is available 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

“We use Starling because we believe that the total health of our employees is important. At the end of the day, the healthier people are, the more productive they’ll be. Ultimately, Starling lets our employees know we care about their well-being.”

VP of Human Resources