Why online cognitive behavioral therapy works

Online CBT is an effective and pragmatic way of dealing with life’s day-to-day challenges.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the gold standard to combat the greatest workplace mental health challenges: stress, anxiety, and depression

Starling digitizes the best practices of cognitive behavioral therapy to remove the big barriers causing higher disability claims like cost, wait times, geographic limitations, and stigma.

We do this by delivering immediate support that’s accessible 24/7 and personalized to the unique needs of each individual, anytime and anywhere

Academic research agrees that online CBT is equally effective as face-to-face support.



Up to 40% more member engagement


4x times usage of traditional EAPs


51+ hours gained back in absenteeism per employee per year

The science behind CBT

Cognitive behavioral therapy is commonly used to help manage a spectrum of mental health issues, including stress, anxiety and depression. CBT helps us understand how our thoughts, behaviours, and physiology affect how we feel, practically and logically. It helps make sense of overwhelming problems by breaking them down into smaller areas.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is:


Helps build mental resilience quickly by personalizing support around your needs


Helps identify specific problems and develop healthier, resilient ways of thinking and behaving


Review specific problems and set goals to achieve them

Focused on ‘the now’

It’s about how you think and act now, not the past


Works with you to find solutions to current challenges

Online CBT removes stigma, geographic limitations, wait times, and high cost associated with mental health care

Starling’s digital mental health support is based on clinically-proven CBT techniques. Its online CBT solution delivers daily support for employees struggling at work or trying to return to work. It teaches the tangible, sustainable skills needed for dealing with symptoms and improving overall mental health.

Comprehensive support and training that's always available
Starling members get immediate access to support and training, never limited by physical location, wait times, therapist availability or number of covered sessions.
Self-Guided, personalized support and training
Rooted in assessment results, Starling delivers rich, in-depth therapeutic paths tailored to individual psychological needs.
Confidential community
Our online community provides a safe space for anonymous, social support from a group of like-minded people actively working towards improving their mental health and well-being.
Crisis monitoring system
Starling's Community Management team is assisted in helping Members by our AI-powered, automated, crisis monitoring system. The system uses natural language processing and sophisticated machine learning algorithms to identify Member behaviours that could lead to self-harm.

Is the personal element lost with a digital solution? No.

Starling delivers self-guided, online CBT that works best for each employee.

Users give honest answers about their struggles when they’re answering questions in a 100% secure and private setting. This means their guided sessions matches their real issues, and the likelihood of successful outcomes are higher.

Self-guided support is a great example of how employees can get proactive and access support tailored to their specific symptoms and professional stressors.

Digital delivery makes CBT accessible whenever, wherever you need it.