Return-to-Health: an immediate solution to get employees well and back to work

Give employees the skills and confidence to rehabilitate and integrate back into the workforce. 

Remove delays to employee recovery

Shorten duration of leave and return to the workforce faster

Reduce risk for claims that have both physical and mental health diagnoses

Lower wait times to evidence-based therapy when they need it most

Reduce therapy costs per claim with effective, cost-efficient digital therapy

Improve case manager-claimants rapport with progress reports to help with adherence

How it works

Mental health disability

Our Return-to-Health program personalizes an employee’s therapy to build the skills they need to successfully integrate back into the workforce with confidence and resilience. This leads to lower disability costs, faster return-to-work dates, and better organizational outcomes.

Physical disability

Our Return-to-Health program for physical injury delivers personalized therapy to help employees better understand their own mental health and how to use scientifically-proven strategies to build up their resilience to stress, anxiety, and depression. The goal is to ensure a mental health issue does not arise as a secondary illness.

Key features

Personalized return-to-work plan
Therapy sessions that deliver key concepts or exercises in ten-minute, bite-sized experiences personalized to check up results
Immediate access, no waiting
On-demand, self-guided treatment focused on building practical skills and tools to boost resilience and confidence to sustain their return
2-step referral process
Our referral portal and process makes it easy for busy case managers to refer claimants to our Return-to-Health program when face-to-face therapy isn't accessible.
Clinically-based assessments
A complete assessment of primary mental health conditions
Skills toolbox
Set of tools to help the member set realistic goals, track their progress, balance negative thoughts, and regulate their moods



Report lower stress, anxiety, and depression


Say Starling helps manage their mental health

4 in 5

Employee absences reduced 6.5 days/ year


Reduced absenteeism within 6-months

Starling Minds is the only digital mental health solution that fits exactly into our approach for addressing workforce mental health. Our workplace health and safety strategy touches employee experience, early intervention and prevention, and absence and disability management. Starling’s spectrum of programs couldn’t be a better fit for our people leaders and the employees they serve.

Executive Director of Workplace Health & Safety, Healthcare Authority