Workforce mental health

For education

Build a healthier and happier workforce by delivering immediate, unlimited digital mental health support and training to educators when they need it most.

Mental health support and training tailored for the unique workplace stressors of teachers, vice principals and principals

Educating is one of today’s most demanding and stressful professions. Starling helps educators manage and rehabilitate from stressors they face on the job.

Educator stressors:
  • Declining classroom resources
  • High job demands and groups to manage
  • Complicated classroom composition
Administrative challenges:
  • High sick leave, absence, disability costs
  • Shortage of educators due to work-related stress
  • Lack of self-care in educators

How Starling helps

Starling offers on-demand mental support and training, tailored by professions like educators. We deliver support through psychoeducation, an approach perfectly fit for educators to learn the skills and tools they need to build mental resilience, at work and at home.


Culture of empathy, care, and positive morale

Reduction in sick leave, short-term and long-term disability claims

Reduction in educators leaving the profession

Higher teacher engagement with work

Better student outcomes

Key features

24/7, unlimited, immediate access to mental health support and resources

Mental health educational content and support personalized to unique stressors

Peer-supported community to build social and emotional connection among educators

Outcomes for educators

Education organizations partner with Starling to improve educators’ well-being, self-care practices and reduce turnover. Educators who are equipped to deal with workplace stressors enjoy benefits in both their work and personal lives, including:

  • Positive, healthier relationships with co-workers, students, and loved ones
  • Improved self-confidence in newly-learned skills for managing workplace stress
  • Better job performance outcomes and career advancements


Report reduced stress, anxiety and depression


Increase in Educators’ confidence to do their job


Improvement in depression and anxiety scores

What education clients are saying

Assistant Director Health and Wellness Program Coordinator, Education Association

I track participation and satisfaction ratings in Starling. Members are very, very happy with the program. It’s amazing to know that 86% of our members move up the mental health continuum after using Starling Minds.

What educators are saying

Vice Principal

Each day, when I work with our students with developmental delays, we practice the strategic breathing practice I’ve learned in Starling, and it is a highlight to the day. I can return to my duties, feeling confident and refreshed.