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Event Date/Time Location
Return to Work Challenges: Reducing Absence and Disability Management Costs with Early Intervention September 28th Online
The Business Case: Transforming Your Disability Management Practices for COVID-19 and Beyond September 22nd Online
Cultivating Mental Resilience: For a Successful Return to Work in Higher Education July 29th Online
A Conversation with HR Experts: How to Approach the Echo Pandemic of Workforce Mental Health June 25th Online
Canadian Educators: Managing Your Anxiety from Returning to School May 14th Online
The Mental Health Impacts of COVID-19 on Teachers April 30th Online
SocialHRCamp 2020 Virtual 3.0 – The Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 April 24th Online
Starling Minds: Ask Us Anything about COVID-19 Anxiety and Stress April 14th Online
The Mental Health Impacts of COVID-19 on Education Administrators April 9th Online

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