Digital mental support and training in one comprehensive platform

Starling provides immediate, unlimited access to highly effective mental support and training while also reducing costs associated with absence and disability due to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mental health support and training for any challenge, anytime

Our platform includes both a Mental Fitness and Return-to-Health product, plus access to a peer-supported community.

Early Intervention

Increases resilience to stress, anxiety, depression and improves productivity.

Reduces absenteeism and presenteeism with a preventative approach to workforce mental health.

Reduces personal and corporate disability costs by delivering the right guided support at the right time to struggling employees.


Reduces the duration of leave and gives employees the skills to help them get back to work with confidence and resilience.

Supports employees on leave due to physical and/or mental illness with a personalized return-to-work plan.

Move case files forward quickly and improve visibility into progress with detailed case management reporting.

See what organizations and employees are saying

Disability and Absence Manager

Starling has an easy referral process, allowing employees to have immediate access to support in the comfort and privacy of their home. Our employees’ reactions have been positive and I think it’s a great program for our organization to provide to them when they need it most. It’s an incredible feeling when employees say they are getting better and don’t feel as alone.

Healthcare Worker

I believe being self-aware was definitely the first step to help me move forward and not be stuck in this negative doom and gloom perspective I found myself to be in. I really wanted to be my best self again as I did not like who I was due to my health issues. Starling Minds gave me the guidance I needed to help myself which I thought only a psychologist would be the answer.