Digital mental health therapy for absence and disability leave.

Employee Early Intervention and Return to Work support that is easy and affordable.


Immediate, personalized digital mental therapy whether you’re struggling on or off work


Resilience to Stress

80% of workers reported improved resilience to stress

Confidence to Return to Work

65% reported increase in their confidence to return to work

Depression & Anxiety Scores

30%+ improvements in depression and anxiety

Starling provides immediate, effective support to help with anxiety, depression, and return to work stress

  • 24/7, unlimited access to mental therapy on any internet-connected mobile, tablet, laptop, or desktop device
  • Highly personalized therapy tailored to your needs at the moment
  • Mental health assessments to raise self-awareness
  • Educational videos to help you understand your mental health
  • Proven CBT tools that help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Anonymous peer community to find support, inspiration and connection

Being self-aware was the first step to help me move forward and not be stuck in this negative doom and gloom perspective I found myself to be in…Starling Minds gave me the guidance I needed to help myself which I thought only a psychologist would be the answer.

Healthcare Worker

Mental health improvement for 80% of users

  • Proactively manage stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Dramatically reduce risk of mental health issues progressing
  • Quickly build skills to improve well-being
  • Remove barriers or stigmas that may prevent seeking help
  • Gain the confidence to return to work sooner

The benefits of digital CBT

Personalized & Engaging
24×7 Access

Workplace mental health:
good for people, good for business

It’s really that simple. Your most valuable asset is not “just” your people – it’s healthy people.

Today’s leaders face big challenges:
  • Rising costs of presenteeism, absenteeism and disability
  • Lack of transparent reporting around employee mental health and therapy progress
  • Lack of readily available therapists
  • Navigating the challenges of today’s new workforce ‘normal’
Starling can help.
Reach more people

10x compared to face-to-face therapy


~40% engagement with context-based tools and training

Proven to be effective

80% report improvement in overall mental health

On-demand access

Digital platform available day or night

Optimize your health care spend

Reduce therapy costs by up to 90% while providing convenient & instant access

Efficient case management

73% of employees access platform within 24 hours of referral