Making a difference in burnout prevention.

Your people are burning out. Our digital program provides personalized, proactive and affordable support so they feel more energized, confident, and hopeful.

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Today’s leaders face big challenges:

  • Finding those who are burning out and leaving their jobs.
  • Stigma is preventing people from seeking mental health support
  • Gaps in support available due to disconnected mental health solutions
  • The rising costs of presenteeism, absenteeism and disability

The burnout calculator.

How much is burnout costing your organization?

How many employees do you have?

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Total burnout cost

Burnout cost is 34% of a disengaged employee’s annual salary (source)

Average annual salary is $70,000 (source)


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Our approach to reducing burnout.

We disrupt the pathway to burnout with evidence-based tools, strategies and actionable steps for organizations, leaders, and people.

1. Stepped Care

Help organizations optimize costs by assessing, monitoring, and connecting people to affordable, immediate and effective support, and identify individuals needing more intensive intervention.

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2. Leadership Training

Empower leaders to be champions of their mental fitness and build cultures of compassion, resilience, and wellness for healthier teams.

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3. Personalized Support

Assess and adapt digital mental health support to help your people proactively build healthier, more positive life-long habits at work and at home.

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Starling is such a great program, especially when we’re dealing with low energy, stress, anxiety, and depression. I’m so glad I joined this program because it will help to improve and brighten up my day. Big credit to the team on this program!

Healthcare Worker

Building mental fitness for your people.

Personalized, digital mental health support whether they are struggling on or off work.

How we do it

Training Sessions

Ten-minute sessions to help build the tools, skills, and knowledge people need to improve their mental fitness.


Easy, bite-sized versions of our training sessions to fit self-care into your people’s busy life.


Tracks changes in people’s energy, resilience, anxiety, and depression levels to uncover insights about their mental fitness.


Live training sessions to help people build more mindfulness with different strategies and breathwork exercises.


Share their story and find peer support and encouragement anonymously.

Mental Fitness Toolbox

Set of tools to help people set better goals, track their progress, balance negative thoughts, and regulate their emotions and moods.

Video Library

Library of educational videos to help people better manage their burnout, stress and anxiety.