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where everyone thrives.

Our powerful online platform provides the knowledge, tools, and techniques to support, empathize with, and rehabilitate workers who are coping with stress, anxiety, and depression when they need it most — any time, any place.

1 in 2 will be diagnosed with a mental illness such as anxiety or depression before they reach age 40. Additional statistics show that 2 in 3 people will not seek help from professionals due to stigma and lack of access.

— World Health Organization & Mental Health Commission of Canada

5 Years of Customer Insights Show Senior Leaders That After Using Starling...

  • 86% become more confident,

    engaged and manage

    stress better

  • 71% are less likely

    to spend time away

    from work

  • Using Starling boosts

    productivity by 22% when

    mental health declines

Thousands of people use Starling Minds to become more resilient everyday.

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Starling Minds offers the leading suite of mental health prevention and return to work solutions that are proven to help people prevent and overcome stress, anxiety, and depression. By providing the knowledge, tools, and techniques that empower people to become more mentally resilient, organizations who choose Starling benefit from happier and more productive workplaces where employees thrive.

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Founded by Dr. Andrew Miki in 2013, Starling Minds is a diverse group of people unified with a common mission: to improve the lives of others through better access to mental health programs and education.

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