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Founded by Dr. Andrew Miki, Starling Minds is a diverse group of people unified with a common mission: to improve the lives of others through access to mental health programs and education by making evidence-based mental health support and education available for everyone.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Miki has helped hundreds of people become mentally fit. In 2012, he made it his mission to improve the wellbeing of educators and developed the first online CBT program for teachers. Since then, the program has advanced to support all professions.

In 2013 Starling Minds was launched for teachers across British Columbia, Canada. Today, Starling Minds is accessible to over 150,000 people across North America.

Our Leadership

  • Dr. Andrew Miki

    Starling Minds CEO, Clinical Psychologist

  • Tom Metzger

    VP Engineering

  • Stuart Bowyer

    Director of Customer Success & Community

  • Melina Weitering

    VP of Sales

  • Sean Myomi Hougan

    Director of Marketing

  • Rick Schultz

    Acting CFO

Dr. Andrew Miki

Starling Minds CEO, Clinical Psychologist

A practicing clinical psychologist for over 10 years, Dr. Miki is the founder of Starling Minds. His goal is to offer a software service that history has never seen before – one that empowers people anywhere in the world to increase their mental fitness.

On the clinical side, Dr. Miki actively helps people return-to-work by demystifying mental health and laying out an action plan with evidence-based strategies so that they learn to feel stronger, more confident and more resilient. He is driven to help all Starling Minds program participants achieve the same results.

Dr. Miki has a background in Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience and Animal Cognition with specializations in the treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders, and Neuropsychology. He is a member of the Canadian Psychology Association and the Canadian of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies.

Tom Metzger

VP Engineering

Tom is passionate about building great technical teams and systems that make a difference in the world. At Starling Minds, he is responsible for building and leading the engineering team that builds and maintains Starling Minds products in addition to serving on the management team.

Tom has held many executive leadership roles at several growth-stage companies, and is the founder of a SaaS company that serves choirs (a personal passion). His other passion is technology and he sees his ‘superpower’ as technology leadership.

Tom has a BSc in Computer Science from SFU and volunteers on the Board of the Vancouver Youth Choir.

Stuart Bowyer

Director of Customer Success & Community

At Starling Minds, Stuart is responsible for helping organizations take a proactive approach to promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace.

Prior to Starling Minds, Stuart worked at the University of British Columbia, Life Sciences Institute, as Director of Business Development. He led the creation of a regional, patient-oriented innovation network for autism spectrum disorders by leveraging advancements in personalized medicine, eHealth, big data, genomics and consumer wearables. Stuart has also held several senior roles in the financial and professional services sectors, including American Express and the Hogg Robinson Group plc in the UK and Canada.

Stuart holds a master’s degree from the University of Oxford and is a board member for REACH, a non-profit that provides treatment services to families across Metro-Vancouver.

Melina Weitering

VP of Sales

Melina has over 15 years of sales and management experience, mostly in technology (FinTech) and software (SaaS). Passionate about digital health solutions, Melina sees Starling as a key solution for democratizing access to evidence-based mental health care and reducing stigma. She is also a strong supporter of non-profits that promote mental well-being.

Bringing a track record of success to the team, Melina has won multiple president’s club awards due to her ability to form lasting consultative relationships with key decision makers in large companies. Melina has a strong reputation for connecting companies with leading technology to help them achieve long-term strategic goals while maintaining ROI.

Melina has a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in psychology, granted by UBC.

Sean Myomi Hougan

Director of Marketing

Sean is a passionate a marketer who is even more passionate about mental health. At Starling Minds she is responsible for executing marketing strategy and tactics so that more people understand how Minds is improving the mental health of people every day.

Sean has helped many growth-stage companies build marketing engines that drive sales. She has a particular affinity for understanding buyers and driving online campaigns that speak to them. Outside of work, Sean is passionate about studying ancient healing traditions and holds her level II in Reiki.

Enthusiastic about Starling’s impact, Sean envisions a world wherein societies work together to ensure that everyone has what they need for mental, emotional and physiological wellness.

Rick Schultz

Acting CFO

Rick is a CPA with 20 years’ experience, over 10 years at senior levels, the last 7 as CFO. He has worked primarily with technology companies, including Pivotal Corporation (now part of CDC Software) and Taleo (now part of Oracle).  He has been an integral part of three IPOs, (two on NASDAQ, one on the TSX-V) and currently supports a select group of growth-stage companies, providing accounting oversight, reporting and analytics services, financial modeling and executive coaching.

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