Building Psychological Health and Safety with a Digital Mental Health Solution

By: Starling Minds

Updated | Oct 22, 2020

Leaders and Managers play a critical role in enabling a culture that is both psychologically healthy and safe.

A “psychologically healthy” workplace is where every reasonable effort is made to promote mental health through awareness, resources and education.

A “psychologically safe” workplace is where every reasonable effort is made to prevent harm to mental health through negligent, reckless or deliberate mentally injurious conduct.

Evidence shows that 13 factors are known to impact psychological health and safety directly. These factors are interrelated and influence one another. Organizations will increase their resilience by tackling more factors successfully, which is challenging to do at scale and at-cost. Workplace mental health experts predict digital mental health solutions like Starling Minds will be essential in major barriers to employees gaining access to effective mental healthcare.

Checklist includes:
  • The 13 psychological health and safety factors
  • How digital psychoeducation can create psychological health and safety in the workplace
  • The benefits employees and organizations gain by building psychological health and safety

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