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Healthcare Worker Returns to Work More Confident with a Digital Solution

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By: Starling Minds

Published | Sep 22, 2019

Healthcare workers like Mary are struggling with their mental health without even realizing it. In North America, one in three physicians screen positive for depression and two in five are burned out. For nurses, one in seven screen positive for PTSD, and two in five are burned out and report patient mistakes.

The Challenge
  • Mary’s, a registered nurse knew her mental health has been on the decline
  • Deals with a lot of violence and abuse at work
  • Finds herself making small mistakes with patients regularly
  • Starts to doubt her abilities to perform her job, which lead to her confidence plummeting
  • Son was going through a lot of health problems
The Solution

After a series of professional and personal setbacks, she went on leave and was referred to Starling Minds’ Return-to-Health program by her disability case manager.

  • A Guide to a personalized return-to-health plan that helped Mary assess her work readiness, manage conversations with managers and colleagues, and manage anticipated stressors
  • Interactive videos that teach evidence-based strategies for building mental resilience
  • Case study examples that show how others have returned to work using CBT
  • Assessments and metrics for Mary to reflect on when evaluating her own progress
  • A confidential, community of peers on leave to help with social isolation and stigma around mental illness
  • A toolbox with scientifically-proven strategies readily available for Mary whenever she needs it
The Results

Within two months, Mary was feeling more like herself, and reported the following results:

  • 50% improvement in ability to manage emotional distress
  • 21% – 30% increase in confidence to return to work
  • 75% improvement in work functionality

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