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Starling Minds Launches Free Access to Digital Mental Health Program to combat COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety

Vancouver, Canada:  March 25th, 2020 – Starling Minds, a leading digital mental health platform, has announced the launch of a free, confidential digital mental health program to help combat stress, anxiety, and worry during the COVID-19 crisis.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced tremendous uncertainty, change, and adversity into the lives of millions of people worldwide. This increases the stress, worry, and anxiety felt from family health, finances, and work/home conditions,” says Dr. Andrew Miki, Chief Science Officer at Starling Minds. “This free, confidential program can help anyone with a smartphone or computer manage their COVID-19 related anxiety and stress.” 

Starling has already helped thousands of individuals improve their mental health by providing cost-effective, on-demand access to digitally-delivered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) through an employer, union, or insurance provider.   

Thomas Clyne-Salley, Culture Transformation Leader at Fraser Health, Canada’s largest health authority shares, “Our frontline staff have been at the forefront of this pandemic, and are working tirelessly to keep our patients and communities safe. It’s been amazing to have a partner like Starling Minds who goes the extra mile to provide this support to our staff in a time of crisis.”

Starling’s COVID-19 Mental Health Program will help people:

  1. Understand how uncertainty, change, and disruption can increase stress and anxiety
  2. Set healthy boundaries to manage the constant stream of COVID-19 information
  3. Create realistic goals to keep their lives on track during this pandemic
  4. Learn about strategies and tools to manage COVID-19 anxiety and worrisome thoughts
  5. Connect with a supportive, confidential online community for ongoing peer support 

Due to the broad impacts of the pandemic, Starling is making the COVID-19 Mental Health Program accessible at no charge to anyone who may need support from large to small businesses, self-employed, laid off workers, and their extended family and support networks

To access Starling’s free Digital Mental Health Program for COVID-19 stress and anxiety, go to


Starling Minds is a leading digital mental health platform that empowers organizations to cost-effectively support the wellbeing of their entire workforce. By using self-directed and digitally-delivered Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) available on-demand, Starling helps to overcome barriers that prevent most people from seeking mental health support – cost, access, and stigma. 

For further information:

To request more information:

Janet Pun

Marketing Manager

Ph: 778-751-3083


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