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Our Mental Fitness Program

Prevention and early intervention are the best ways for you and your team to lower mental health-related disability costs and improve employee engagement. By making a mental health movement live inside your organization, you will help create a culture of care and well-being.

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Our Mental Fitness program is preventative with purpose, so you can:


Empower employees to take early action to cope with workplace and personal stressors


Curtail the number of workers whose mental health challenges result in the need to take leave


Put a low-cost treatment solution in place where it can deliver the highest return—at the front end of your disability funnel


Create and sustain a culture of care for your employees’ well-being, in ways that reactive approaches to disability management do not

How it Works

Employees at Work & Struggling

For employees who are at work and struggling due to symptoms of depression and anxiety, the Mental Fitness program acts as an early intervention solution to help members understand what their stressors are and how they manifest. Starling Mental Fitness offers CBT tools and strategies to intervene early on in the process to lower the likelihood of mental health disability.

Employees Who Want CBT Skills

Just like physical fitness, it's important that employees understand what is required to stay mentally fit as well. For workers who want to proactively build a resilient mind, Starling Mental Fitness will help ensure employees and their family members have cognitive-behavioral tools and strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and depression from the comfort of home.

Key Features

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Key Features

Interactive exercises and bite-sized videos Make it easy for employees to learn cognitive-behavioral strategies to proactively manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

Clinical-based mental health assessments Provide objective symptom scores on anxiety and depression. This helps employees build self-awareness and an understanding of their mental health.

A mental health toolboxEquipped with tools to help employees set realistic goals, track their progress, balance negative thoughts, and regulate their moods.

Confidential online communityTo help destigmatizes mental health and help members understand that they are not alone in their journey.

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Why People Leaders Love Starling Mental Fitness

  • Our programs are effective and drive prevention and early intervention metrics that matter

  • When employees are happier and healthier, organizational outcomes flourish

  • It’s a tool that supports a culture of empathy, care, and positive morale

Key Metrics

Mental Fitness gives you the data you need to measure efficacy.

Aggregate Symptom Scores

Aggregate symptom score improvement or decline for anxiety, sadness, and worry

Seasonality in Aggregate Mental Health Scores

Seasonality in aggregate mental health symptom scores so you can respond proactively to dips

Adoption and Engagement

Adoption and engagement metrics so you have visibility on how many employees are using the platform

Scores by Unit, Department, Profession Type

Symptom and engagement scores by unit, department or profession type

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We receive data reports from Starling so we can see where our employees’ mental health are throughout the year. When mental health scores begin to decline, it allows us to be proactive in helping our members feel more supported.

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We use Starling because we believe that the total health of our employees is important. At the end of the day, the healthier people are, the more productive they’ll be. Ultimately, Starling lets our employees know we care about their well-being.

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Is the Personal Element Lost with a Digital Solution?

On the contrary, Starling delivers self-guided, digital CBT that works best for each employee.

What’s more, members tend to give pure and honest answers about their struggles when they’re answering questions in a 100% secure and private setting. This means the prescribed treatment matches their real issues, and the likelihood of successful outcomes are higher.

Self-guided treatment is a great example of how employees can get proactive and access therapy tailored to their specific symptoms and professional stressors.

Be the Advocate Your Employees Need

Let’s talk.

Let’s make digital mental health more accessible for everyone, together. No matter what stage of exploration you’re in, we’re here to talk about your goals and aspirations, or simply answer any questions you may have.

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