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Our Return-to-Health Program

An immediate solution to get employees well again and back to work. Starling Return-to-Health gives employees the skills they need to rehabilitate and integrate back into the workforce with confidence and resilience. This leads to lower disability costs, higher job engagement, and better organizational outcomes.

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Our Return-to-Health program offers immediate care for employees on leave:


Shorten the duration and return to the workforce faster


Reduce risk for claims that have both physical and mental health diagnoses


Employers can provide employees with immediate, evidence-based therapy when they need it most


Members gain the skills they need to integrate back into the workforce with confidence and resilience

How it Works

Mental Health Disability

Our Return-to-Health program for mental health helps employees build the skills they need to successfully integrate back into the workforce with confidence and resilience. This leads to lower disability costs, higher job engagement, and better organizational outcomes.

Physical Disability

Our Return-to-Health program for physical injury helps employees better understand their own mental health and how to use scientifically-proven strategies to build up their resilience to stress, anxiety, and depression. The goal is to ensure a mental health issue does not arise as a secondary illness.

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Key Features

  • SELF-GUIDED AND IMMEDIATE ACCESS: A self-guided treatment approach that is focused on building real, practical skills and tools to boost up resilience and confidence for the long-term.
  • CLINICAL-BASED MENTAL HEALTH ASSESSMENTS: Provide objective symptom scores on anxiety and depression. This helps employees build self-awareness and an understanding of their mental health.
  • A MENTAL HEALTH TOOLBOX: Equipped with tools to help employees set realistic goals, track their progress, balance negative thoughts, and regulate their moods.
  • SUPPORT FOR RETURNING TO WORK: Guidance for developing a personalized return-to-health plan to help employees manage conversations with managers and colleagues based on levels of trust. We also guide employees to anticipate stressors for a durable return.
  • EASY TO REFER: A simple 2-step process that is designed to help busy case managers easily refer employees to CBT while waiting for disability claims or face-to-face therapy sessions to be processed.

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What People Leaders Say About Starling Minds

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Starling Minds is the only digital mental health solution that fits exactly into our approach for addressing workforce mental health. Our workplace health and safety strategy touches employee experience, early intervention and prevention, and absence and disability management. Starling’s spectrum of programs couldn’t be a better fit for our people leaders and the employees they serve.

Executive Director of Workplace Health & Safety
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Why Disability and Absence Managers Love Starling

  • A simple referral process completed in 2-steps that gives employees immediate access to mental health support

  • Regular, timely and standardized progress reports to see where the employee is at in order to provide better support and guidance

  • A way to coach employees who are either at work or off-work and struggling with a common language supported by CBT best practices

Key Metrics

Starling Return-to-Health gives you the data you need to measure efficacy and disability managers the information they need to better support employees.

Aggregate Symptom Scores

Aggregate symptom score improvement or decline for anxiety, sadness, and worry.

Seasonality in Aggregate Mental Health Scores

Seasonality in aggregate mental health symptom scores so you can respond proactively to dips.

Adoption and Engagement

Adoption and engagement metrics so you have visibility on how many employees are using the platform.

Scores by Unit, Department, Profession Type

Symptom and engagement scores by unit, department or profession type.

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See What Organizations & Employees Are Saying

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I’m so grateful this program is offered online as I cannot drive. Being able to access CBT support in the comfort of my own home has been lifechanging for me. I like the assessment from session 4 and want to continue using it to monitor my mental health. I like the strategies/tools. I really appreciate this little community and I truly feel less alone in my journey.

Insurance Member
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Starling has an easy referral process, allowing employees to have immediate access to support in the comfort and privacy of their home. Our employees’ reactions have been positive and I think it’s a great program for our organization to provide to them when they need it most. It’s an incredible feeling when employees say they are getting better and don’t feel as alone.

Disability and Absence Manager
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Is the personal element lost with a 100% digital solution?

On the contrary. Starling Minds’ treatment modules are 100% prescribed to the needs of individual members.

What’s more, members tend to give pure and honest answers about their struggles when they’re answering questions in a 100% secure and private setting. This means the prescribed treatment matches their real issues, and the likelihood of successful outcomes are higher.

Self-guided treatment is a great example of how employees can get proactive and access therapy tailored to their specific symptoms and professional stressors.

Be the Change Agent Your Employees Need

Let’s talk.

Let’s make digital mental health more accessible for everyone, together. No matter what stage of exploration you’re in, we’re here to talk about your goals and aspirations, or simply answer any questions you may have.

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