Starling program

Results you can feel, track and measure

Starling responds to individual member's results to provide a personalized training program complete with educational videos, community support, and evidence based tools.


1. Assess

Take an assessment to find out how you are doing and feeling compared to psychological standards. Check-up assessments will help you track your progress over time. Based on these results, Starling will recommend the training that is right for you.

2. Learn

Guided by Starling's recommendations you can explore the video library to discover how your mind works. Share and compare your thoughts and experiences with our community. Discuss sensitive topics anonymously.


3. Train

Use CBT tools to develop strategies and improve your resilience to stress. Become more confident and assertive to optimize your performance in the key areas of your life.

4. Track

Chart your progress as you become more mentally fit. Use this data to learn more about yourself and your patterns.


5. Thrive

Stay mentally fit. Be the best version of yourself.

Our members say that Starling is

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