Workforce mental health

For healthcare

Empower your healthcare and medical staff to care for their mental health.

Mental health therapy tailored for the unique workplace stressors of healthcare and medical staff

Never before have healthcare and medical staff faced more on-the-job stress and demands. Starling helps staff members manage and rehabilitate from stressors they face on the job.

Healthcare and medical staff stressors:
  • Emotionally demanding environment
  • Chronic staffing shortages
  • Shift work and high physical demands leading to injury
  • Growing rate of burnout, depression, compassion fatigue
Organization challenges:
  • Rising absenteeism and disability costs
  • Ensuring quality of mental healthcare
  • Providing immediate and effective therapy
  • Stretched budgets with competing needs

How Starling helps

Starling offers digital mental health therapy, tailored by professions like healthcare and medical staff. We deliver clinically-proven CBT through an approach perfectly adapted to help staff gain the skills and tools they need to manage their stress, anxiety, and depression, confidentially and anywhere, anytime.

Benefits for healthcare and medical staff

Full-spectrum, personalized mental health support for stress, anxiety, and depression

Reduces stigma and fear of being labelled at work

Reduces wait times and worse-off symptoms while off-work

Builds mental health literacy among staff to enable greater compassionate self-care and patient care

Benefits for healthcare organizations

Reduces cost/duration of short-term and long-term disability claims

Reduces workplace disruptions caused by workers on leave

Increases compassionate leadership and culture within healthcare setting

Builds psychological health and safety in workplace to improve culture and compassionate care

Key features

24/7, unlimited, immediate access to mental health support and resources

Confidential and digital delivery model to reduce fear of stigma

Mental health content and therapy personalized to profession stressors

Peer-supported community to build social and emotional connection among healthcare and medical staff

Full-spectrum solution for any use case, whether they are struggling at work, on sick leave, STD, or LTD

Outcomes for healthcare and medical staff

Healthcare organizations partner with Starling to improve frontline healthcare workers well-being and self-care.

Healthcare workers who are equipped to deal with workplace stressors enjoy benefits in both their work and personal lives, including:


Report increase in mental resilience

10 days

Reduced wait times to therapy


Improvement in anxiety scores

Outcomes for healthcare organizations

Healthcare organizations partner with Starling to deliver a full-spectrum solution for any staff member struggling mentally at work, on sick leave, STD, or LTD.

  • Reduction in sick leave, short-term and long-term disability claims
  • Reduction in workplace disruptions due to absences
  • Higher chance of sustaining return to work for staff
  • Better patient and organization outcomes




Decrease absenteeism rates


Reduction in costs compared to human-guided therapy

What healthcare and medical staff are saying

Healthcare Worker

I believe being self-aware was definitely the first step to help me move forward and not be stuck in this negative doom and gloom perspective I found myself to be in. I really wanted to be my best self again as I did not like who I was due to my health issues. Starling Minds gave me the guidance I needed to help myself which I thought only a psychologist would be the answer.

What Healthcare leaders are saying

Occupational Health and Safety Director, Healthcare Organization

Starling Minds made our lives so much easier. Unlike other vendors we’ve worked with, their product is great and their teams were the key to making our program implementation a huge success for our people, who deserve the best mental health support we can find. We were able to reduce absenteeism by 10% within the first 6-months. Thank you, Starling.