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Why Digital CBT?

Digital CBT helps you find the most effective and quickest solutions to some of life’s thorniest problems.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is pragmatic, highly structured and the gold standard to treat a wide range of mental health disorders.

Starling’s online CBT platform digitizes the best practices of cognitive behavioural therapy to deliver programming that is accessible 24/7 and personalized to the unique needs of each individual.  Academic research agrees that online CBT is equally effective as  face-to-face treatment.

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Digital CBT Removes Stigma, Geographic Limitations, and the High Cost of Mental Health Treatment

Comprehensive Therapy that's Accessible

Starling delivers a comprehensive continuum of care, from preventatively strengthening your mental resilience to returning you to health when life's curveballs have you down. As a Starling member you have immediate access to the therapy you need, never limited by physical location, therapist availability or # of covered sessions.

Self-Guided,Personalized Treatment

Starling leverages machine learning to customize its programming to match the needs of each individual. As a 100% digital program, you can access Starling at a time that's convenient with a path and pace that's right for you.

Confidential Community

Our online community provides a safe space for anonymous, social support from a group of like-minded people actively working towards improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Digital delivery makes CBT accessible when members need it most.

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The Science Behind Our Digital CBT

Starling Minds’ therapeutic approach is based on clinically-proven CBT techniques. It’s a skills-based CBT program that teaches members tangible, sustainable skills for dealing with symptoms and improving their mental health.

Practical, Effective Treatment Programs that support members on their journey to build self-awareness around problem areas, and develop practical, healthier, and resilient ways of thinking and behaving.

Skill-Building Approach that mirrors full CBT treatment in order to be more comprehensive than ‘light-touch’ approaches to managing workplace stress, such as meditation apps.

Clinical-based mental health assessments provide objective symptom scores on anxiety and depression.

Our programs work by giving members a new framework for understanding mental health, not as a ‘black box’ but as an aspect of their lives they can take ownership over and improve.

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Our Promise To You

In everything we do, Starling Minds will strive to be these things to you, your organization and your people:

  • Seamless & Easy to Use.

    When your world is already feeling like it’s turned upside down (or a tiny bit tipped over), we promise that Starling won’t add to the list of complicated things in your life.

  • Self-guided.

    Starling offers an immediate plan of action to help you take control of your mental health. We care about your outcomes and have created a program that lets you approach therapy at a path and pace that’s right for you.

  • Trusted, Expert Advisors.

    We know that our customer organizations are the makers of change when it comes to affecting better employee mental health. Starling Minds will strive to make your program a success from day one, working closely with you to optimize support for your workforce.

  • Results-focused.

    Therapy is all about outcomes. We never forget this. Starling Minds will always drive real, practical, measurable results and outcomes for our program members and our client organizations.

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The reception of the Starling program has been outstanding. As a result, our members feel more resilient and better equipped to deal with the challenges and complexities at work. I recommend Starling to any organization that wants to support the personal and professional lives of their employees.

Director of Income Security

Make Mental Health Support More Accessible in your Organization

We continue our commitment to making mental healthcare more accessible which drives results for employees and companies. Contact us today to speak to a digital mental healthcare expert and find out how Starling will make digital mental healthcare more accessible in your organization.

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