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Delivering Mental Health Support to Remote Communities

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By: Starling Minds

Updated | Jan 27, 2020

It is well known that remote workers face a unique set of mental health challenges. 

For one of our clients in the Northwest Territories, recruitment and retention of educators posed a big challenge for the teacher’s federation. 

The Challenge
  • 35% of the NWT workforce work in fly-in communities that don’t have regular access to doctors or medical professionals
  • 50% of the population does not have regular access to doctors and medical professionals
  • Intensive long wait times and expensive flights, taking a significant portion of the funding available for wellness programs
  • Needed an innovative mental health program that could reach members wherever they are
  • Community stigma was a difficult barrier to remove in remote regions
The Solution

For the NWTTA and the Department of Education, Culture and Employment, acquiring Starling Minds was an easy decision because members would have access to:

  • Evidence-based mental health programs based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques that teach strategies to build mental fitness and decrease stress.
  • 24/7 mental health support for members and their families who have severely limited access to mental health practitioners
  • A private and confidential tool that removes the concern of stigma
  • Leading mental health education only taught by human-guided therapy
  • A proven program that builds resilience and decreases mental health symptoms such as anxiety, worry, and sadness

Discover why Starling Minds was the selected solution to help deliver effective mental healthcare to remote communities.

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