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How a Health Authority Reduced Absenteeism by 10% in Less Than Six Months

By: Starling Minds

Last updated: August 25, 2021

Absence and disability teams help manage significant risks for organizations. They are critical in helping people navigate the healthcare system while also advocating for needed accommodations.

On average, case managers handle between 30 – 100+ files leading to a significant amount of administrative tasks and paperwork; a critical problem as case managers tend to spend more time on paperwork than getting employees the help and support they need.

The Challenge

A large regional healthcare authority and its disability management teams had growing challenges:

  • Disability costs have risen yearly as 41% of their employee population self-admit to suffering from poor mental health
  • 40% of their disability costs have a primary mental health diagnosis.
  • Fewer than 50% of their employees seek any form of treatment due to stigma, costs, lack of education around mental health, and access to evidence-based mental healthcare
  • Their current referral and claims management process and available resources made it difficult to get employees the help they need at the right time. In some cases, they are denied access altogether by the benefits provider.
The Solution

They needed a solution that was:

  • Education-based to help employees develop tools and strategies to manage their mental health anytime, anywhere
  • Able to have a shared language internally to talk about mental health diagnoses
  • Easy to keep open, consistent communication with employees on disability
  • Able to generate standardized and frequent progress reports for them to follow up with claimants on
The Results

  • 32% improvement in anxiety scores
  • 87% reported an increase in mental resilience
  • 10% reduction in absenteeism within 6-months of new program launch

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