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What Are The Benefits of Starling Minds?

Sean Hougan | October 31, 2019

What are the benefits of using Starling Minds?

Lower absenteeism and presenteeism in employees are just one of the benefits of offering a digital mental health platform.

When people are physically fit, they feel stronger and perform better. Mental fitness is no different.

By giving employees the tools they need to train their minds, they improve their ability to manage stress and boost their confidence. At Starling, we consider confidence to be the remedy for anxiety and depression.

What Organizations Value Most About Starling Minds:

  • It demonstrates their commitment to the mental health and wellbeing of their people.
  • It improves employee engagement leading to increases in productivity and innovation.
  • It improves absenteeism and presenteeism rates, reducing health and disability costs.
  • It creates better work culture rooted in empathy, collaboration, and support.

Why Forward-thinking Organizations Choose Starling Minds

“We use Starling because we believe that the total health of our employees is important. At the end of the day, healthier people are more productive. Starling lets our employees know we care about their well-being.” — Associate VP of Human Resources

“I track participation and satisfaction ratings in Starling. Members are very happy with the program. It’s amazing to know that 86% of our members move up the mental health continuum after using Starling Minds.”— Director, one of BC’s largest education organizations

“We receive data reports from Starling so we can see where mental health is throughout the year. When a member’s mental health scores begin to decline, it allows us to be proactive in helping them feel supported.”— Executive Director, one of Ontario’s largest education associations

Learn how Starling’s digital solution helps with teacher mental health. Reach out – we’d love to chat!

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    Sean Hougan

    Sean is a passionate marketing professional who is even more passionate about mental health. She envisions a world wherein communities and societies work together to ensure that everyone has what they need for mental, emotional and physiological wellness.

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