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SchoolMint Launches Educator-Focused Digital Mental Health Platform to US K-12 Market

By: Starling Minds

Last updated: July 12, 2023

Lafayette, LA. — SchoolMint®, the leading provider of Strategic Enrollment Management solutions for K-12 education, announced today it has completed a strategic partnership with Canadian-based Starling Minds. With this agreement, Starling’s content will power SchoolMint’s brand new digital mental fitness platform for educators, SchoolMint Thrive.  

SchoolMint Thrive is a digital mental fitness solution delivering immediate, unlimited, and personalized support for education professionals. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) support, Thrive empowers educators with the exercises, skills, and strategies needed to manage stress, anxiety, and burnout better.  

“SchoolMint has always been committed to supporting teachers and administrators. We knew we wanted to help address the burnout crisis that has dramatically intensified by offering an online tool that teachers could use whenever and wherever they desired. Based on our goals, there was one obvious choice to partner with: Starling Minds,” said Bryan MacDonald, SchoolMint’s CEO. “The proven successes Starling Minds has demonstrated through its confidential online platform 24/7 is impressive, as is the focus on mental fitness.”

With more than 10 years of experience, Starling Minds has helped thousands of educators improve their mental fitness. The educator-centric and research-based methodology delivers engaging and effective support and training to educators based on their personality type and learning styles.  

“Starling Minds is honored to be a trusted partner of SchoolMint, helping to improve the mental health of educators,” says Peter Oxley, CEO of Starling Minds. “Since Starling was founded, educators have been one of our core focuses due to the unique stressors and challenges faced in the classroom and beyond. By partnering with SchoolMint, a proven leader and innovator in the education sector, we will help support thousands of educators to proactively build the skills they need to lead healthier, happier lives.”

SchoolMint Thrive personalizes and tailors support by integrating educator-specific content, real-life stories, situations, examples, and community polls and forums that educators can interact with and ultimately create stronger, more genuine connections and engagement. 

“Significant data is coming to light that our educators are under tremendous mental health and stress challenges. Our children benefit from mentally fit, happy, and engaged teachers,” says Dr. Chris Balow, Chief Academic Officer at SchoolMint. “SchoolMint Thrive is a powerful tool to support our teachers’ well-being.”

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Starling Minds

Starling Minds™ is a digital mental health platform that reduces absence and disability costs by delivering immediate, unlimited, and personalized online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Developed by leading psychologists, Starling’s digital therapy is powered by an expert system that emulates the processes and practices of human-guided therapy to remove the greatest barriers preventing employees from accessing affordable and effective mental health care—cost, access, and stigma.

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