In the fall of 2020, a worker was struggling both at work and at home. As a worker and family man, he has always been dependable and self-disciplined, and willing to go the extra mile for his team and family. But after years of high-stress and putting himself last, he was emotionally, physically, and mentally drained. He was feeling out-of-control and wanted help. As he was still working, his case manager wanted to provide mental health support proven to work without triggering a claim, so referred him to Starling Minds, a digital mental health platform for stress, anxiety, and depression.

The BackgroundSymptomsWhy Starling
50 year old maleClinically depressed and anxiousZero wait times or out-of-pocket costs
Mental health-related absenceDeclining work functioningAccessible immediately
Financial and family problemsLow in energyPsycho-education and skills-building approach
Lacks self-awareness around triggersEmotional outbursts and feeling out of controlOnline community for social support
Lacks skills to better manage mental healthPhysical pain due to injuries
Goal: Get his life back on trackOverwhelmed at work

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